Le@d.3.0 Academy training that you can self register on

Il corso ha l'obiettivo di potenziare le e-teamwork skill dei responsabili di area di IRES.
Gli argomenti:
Linee guida per il lavoro a distanza: netiquette, tono di voce, strumenti
- Language design, testi efficaci, titolo efficaci
- Strumenti ICT per il lavoro a distanza 

This short e-learning course is dedicated to the topic of Entrepreneurship with a specific focus given to Women as actors in an entrepreneurial process. We invite students from the course "Consulting Tools and Methods for Marketing Project" at FH Münster | Münster University of Applied Sciences to explore Lead3.0 Academy and participate in this course.

(Course in ITALIAN)

The course can be completed in 3 hours. It will help you managing online meeting efficiently.

The main topics are: how to deal with technological issues, importance of a common netiquette, how to manage objections, how to engage participants, and to ask and receive structured feedbacks at the end of the meeting.

In the Le@d 3.0 Introductory Course you will find further information and tutorials.